Thai Lotus
Thai Cuisine
212 E 500 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 328-4401
Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 2:30
Saturday: 12:30pm - 3pm
Mon - Thurs: 5pm - 9pm
Fri: 5 - 10; Sat: 3 - 10

Delivery by: 1.800.951.FOOD

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Salt Lake City Weekly :: Best Of

Thai Lotus - Best of Salt Lake City Weekly!

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Best Fruit Carving

"Carving isn’t just for pumpkins - not if you’re looking for a unique decorative centerpiece. Drop by this family-owned downtown restaurant for a delicious lunch or dinner but hang around to take a look at the catalog of amazing carved fruit creations. Your upcoming event could provide something as beautiful as it is delicious."

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Salt Lake Tribune :: Thai Lotus Review

Thai Lotus Featured by the Salt Lake Tribune!

Epic menu is a springboard, so let your taste buds soar

"The thing about Thai food in all its nascent popularity and prolific presence throughout the state is this: It shouldn't be just sweet. Sure, you've got to have a hit of that musky palm sugar, but its role is to tug against the bracing sour notes, bold saltiness and yes, a good degree of heat that are all swimming around in one dish (fans of saccharine central Thai and piquant northeastern Thai food may respectively disagree).

Another thing about Thai food - there's more to it than pad Thai ($8.95), fried spring rolls ($4.95) and yellow curry ($8.95). You've got four major regional cuisines, not to mention the arsenal of aromatics that makes them all so alluring. At a place like Thai Lotus, you get an idea why this Southeast Asian cuisine has become so popular in Zion. They do the above-mentioned standard fare well, sating lunch crowds with affordable ... combo meals ($6.55) and fried rice ($7.95 to $11.95). But the value in places like Thai Lotus, with its epic menus, is that it gives you a comfortable platform from which to jump headfirst into new Thai dishes. And there are plenty here to try."

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Salt Lake Magazine

Salt Lake Magazine Features Thai Lotus

"Pad Thai -- check. Tom kha gai -- check. Really affordable lunch combos (complete with spring roll and peanut dressing-laced iceberg salad) -- check. At face value, the latest eatery on 500 south has what every other Thai restaurant seems to have, including a peaceful space dotted with handicrafts, a native soundtrack, and friendly servers. After the first forkful, however, it's obvious that there's something different in the slick, glossy noodles and irresistable coconut custard. Depth of flavor exists even in the sweetest of authentic Massaman curries. Redolent of roasted peanuts, tender chunks of beef and potatoes get a new life in what we imagine is the closest thing to Thai beef stew. Even better with it is a sprinkling of fish sauce spiked with sliced fresh chiles, available in the condiment caddy that also carries dried roasted chile powder, sriracha, and sugar.

Check out the chef's specials. A stir-fry of tender greens (like Chinese broccoli) and cruncy bacon chunks over jasmine rice is our favorite. You can alter the heat to your liking. But if it gets too much, consider ending with the dense coconut custard topped with the namesake lotus root and seeds; both candied, and powerfully sweet enough to exterminate any flames."

Adam Finkle :: Salt Lake Magazine

Salt Lake City Weekly

SLC Weekly Reviews Thai Lotus

"Thai Lotus has sprouted in the space on 500 South across from Library Square that used to be Boondocks Pacific Grill & Cafe. Sampling an array of dishes from Thai Lotus' $6.55 lunch combo menu, I found this cozy little restaurant to fit in nicely with its charming neighbors, Cannella's and Urban Bistro. Authentic Thai smiles light up Thai Lotus, not to mention thick Thai accents since little english is spoken here. Both the laid-back vibe and the food are fantastic as well as inexpensive.

I was gaga over the Gaeng Massaman - large cubes of stewed beef so tender, you could literally eat them with a spoon. The beef came in a massaman red curry with coconut milk, chunks of boiled potato, onions and crunchy peanuts. It was completely delectable. Pineapple soup may sound like an iffy prospect, and it's not easy to explain. But the fragrant broth called Tom Sub Pa Rod - laced with chunks of pineapple, bacon, shrimp and scallions - is simply out of this world!"

Comments by Ted Scheffler ::